Carlos Ghosn featured in Those Who Made It!

Working his way up for 18 years for Europe’s largest tire maker Michelin, to running two of biggest automakers Renault – Nissan, Carlos Ghosn known as “Le Cost Killer” was able to take Nissan from a $5.6 billion loss to in 2000 to this year’s $2.5 billion profit.

He is born on March 9, 1954 to Lebanese parents and studied in France. He is fluent in English, French, Arabic, Portuguese and catching up in Japanese. Not only is he the CEO and president of Nissan and Renault, but also on the board of Alcoa, Sony and IBM.

Carlos “Samurai” Ghosn is the quintessential international businessman. He is viewed as a savior for reviving Nissan to the extent that he became an actual super hero for the biweekly Japanese comic book “Big Comic Superior”.

Although he leads a very busy lifestyle, he always makes time for his family. Ghosn also stresses on making all employees at Nissan’s new Advanced Technology Center in Yokohama, Japan leave no later than 8 pm to avoid possible workaholism.

It’s time to run your life the Carlos Ghosn way and become your own boss!

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