The Five Elements of a Modern Business

If you happen to be following the news, whether it is related to social, business or cultural issues; there is a clear trend happening in all sorts of fields of the professional world. And that trend mainly revolves around people, ethics and heresy.

After admiring the accomplishments of Google, Apple, Zappos, Facebook,Virgin Group and many other top companies, one can’t help but to think about how these companies keep us by surprise with their attractive products and the ability to maintain their customers’ loyalty.

Well here are five key elements that  are now essential for businesses and especially start-ups:

  1. The Vision: These companies have done well for themselves because of what they believe they are supposed to do and become, their mission. The company’s vision keeps the fire burning and the urge to achieve excellence. The more it is based on people and social benefits, the higher the gains.
  2. The Product: Whether it’s a customer service or a tangible product, the quality of the product a company is dealing with should never be compromised with the cost of producing it. A good product keeps the customer happy and strengthens the buyer/seller relationship.
  3. Business Culture: This part of the company is becoming more appealing for senior executives because of its long-term/hidden yet amazing effects. The culture of the workplace elevates employees’ satisfactory levels and become stress-free. When the employees are content, their productivity shoots up. They way the company treats its employees is the way they will treat its customers!
  4. Leadership: Promoting leadership within an organization requires no title, and that idea by itself is extremely important for development and growth. When leadership is encouraged from bottom to top, each person feels responsible and performs their tasks to the fullest.
  5. Unorthodoxy: Weird is good. Unorthodoxy in a company makes it unique which adds to the company’s character and value. Unorthodox approaches offer solutions to problems that sometimes can’t be solved with traditional and conventional methods. Unorthodoxy is also a complement of innovation and leadership.

These five elements are key insights to help in shaping a business’ identity and apparently they seem to work beautifully! If you still have your doubts just check out Google’s headquarters!


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