Company Overview

Start Middle East is services company offering innovative business solutions to clients. Our main focus in the client servicing line is on building strong and dynamic corporate cultures for our clients and helping them create an internal brand that strengthens their external brand.

We believe that the most important asset is “us”, the human capital. Several companies consider their employees to be a heavy burden on their corporations, however Start says otherwise!

We think long term profits, efficiency and most importantly the culture. All companies have a culture of their own, if it didn’t exist its employees will create it. That’s where corporate culture comes in handy, it makes everyone content and productivity shoots up!

Our target is  mainly the middle east and the Arab region. The Arab world is witnessing change in its political systems, societies, business and culture. Arabs are now a lot more open to other cultures due to our extremely globalized world. There is a need in the middle east for change, and Start intends to be on front line!

Our 5 Core Values:
1.Delivering WOW service to our clients
2.A little bit of weird/wild/crazy is good
3.We believe that small things make a big difference
4.Happiness of our people matters the most
5.Every contribution is a contribution

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