Corporate Culture Consultancy:

1- Create corporate culture strategy

•Changing & transforming an existing culture
•Enhancing existing culture
•Creating new corporate culture

2- As part of the strategy implementation, we:

• Conduct client site analysis on corporate culture through surveys, exercises, & focus groups
• Engage the client with wide range of culture building activities
• Engage the client in series of workshops & training to implement an agreed upon strategy
• Work with the client on changing the client’s office design as part of the bigger scope of the strategy
• Develop long-term and sustainable in-house culture building programs

3- Align corporate culture strategy of the client with the management’s long-term strategic plan

Other services within our consulting practice include:

A.Tackle issues of internal politics.
B.Enhance company internal communications and communication schemes.
C.Improve employee & overall performance.
D.Work with teams to enhance team collaboration and performance.

Platform creation is our secondary business line. Within that line, our mission is to create platforms that serve people with world-class content. Such platforms include seminars, workshops, conferences, & special events.

Seminars we have done in the past covered the following topics:

  • Personal Leadership
  • Peak Performance
  • Public Speaking
  • Stimulating Creativity in Business
  • Teamwork Building
  • Executive Leadership
  • Conflict Resolution

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